Taking a ferry to Batam


Ferries now-a-days are getting famous day by day. People love visiting through ferries. They are convenient and also they are not costly and offer tickets at reasonable prices. It is quite easy to book a ferry ticket as it can be done online and also by SMS booking. Ferries are always on time and once a person books a ticket, he is sure to get the ferry on time. Ferries move right from the morning till night. There are hundreds of ferries available.

If anyone plans to visit Batam, the best way to do that is travelling by ferry. Since, Batam is an island and is covered by water at all sides; the best way to travel is by taking a ferry. The journey to Batam with the help of ferry is so relaxing and enjoyable. People get to enjoy he waves of the sea and leave out all their tensions. The best thing about ferry is that people can even carry their two wheelers or cycle in a ferry. Ferries have the place to take vehicles. In that way, a person can use his own vehicle to roam about in Batam. It has lots of forests and islands and it is amazing to view a forest using a two wheeler.


Taking a ferry to Batam from Singapore is not difficult at all. Singapore has the highest operator of the ferry, named Sindo Ferry. They offer varieties of ferries to go to Batam at different rates. People can choose their ferry depending on their pocket size. Batam also has the best dealer of Ferry named Batamfast. Sindo Ferry has the direct connection with Batam Fast and ferries are available every day. People who come to visit Singapore for holidays sometimes plan to visit Batam for its rich scenic view. People staying in Singapore also may plan to visit Batam to just take a break from their busy life.

There are many routes of a ferry to Batam from Singapore. Batam is a beautiful place to visit. There are many restaurants in Batam that are available just near to the Ferry route to get the best services to people. People can also visit Batam by cars, but they won’t get the beautiful environment if they visit through cars. Batam can also be visited by airplane as there is an airport just near to Batam. But, the best way to travel is through ferry.

These ferry operators listen to every need of people and they try to provide the best of service to its customers. The trip to Batam with the help of ferry is provided so that people can enjoy themselves to the top. There is fixed time schedule for people to travel through a ferry. People have to book within that time slot. Some ferries also provide refreshments to people as the journey to batam is a long one. Batam is to be enjoyed only with a ferry. Take a trip with a ferry to get the best of everything!

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